New blog is up. I think I might just transition to that one full-time right away. We’ll see. But if you’d like to check it out (puhlllllease) it’s here. It’s called There’s Cheese in my Shoe (true story).


Floyd turned 6 months this week — Monday to be exact. I can’t believe it. She’s getting so big so quick. We go to the doctor on Wednesday and I’m excited to see how much she weighs. It seems like she’ll go weeks at the same weight and then all of a sudden one day she’s outgrown everything and just looks huge. I’m guessing it’s a lot more gradual than that but it’s hard for me to see the changes; it really feels like she balloons over night.

She is now rolling pretty well from stomach to back and back to stomach. She’s even using it to get things and to get to places. Gone are the days of running into the other room to get something. The other night I found her under the coffee¬† table. File that under my submission for parent of the year.

At this point Blue and I are thinking she’s on par, and maybe even advanced in some things, for her age. But the therapy continues…barely. Because of the work thing, we’re changing the day and rolling back to every other week. I didn’t want the therapist to go to the sitter’s because I want to be involved if it continues, or have Blue involved. If Floyd was really behind, I’d swallow my feelings and do what’s right but it seems she’s really on target. The therapist didn’t want to release her because she wasn’t extending up on her elbows from¬† her stomach, but now that she’s rolling, she is doing that.

Sometimes therapy is hard because Floyd definitely doesn’t like people in her face and tends not to perform well in the therapist’s presence. For now, we’ll continue, since I’m afraid of ending it and then having a problem down the line. But according to a development sheet they gave me in the beginning, she’s just like every other 6 month old; perhaps a bit slow on the rolling thing but overall just fine. She’s not a huge fan of sitting but we’re working on it and she seems to be warming up to the idea.

In other Floyd happenings, she’s eaten bananas and sweet potatoes, which is an adventure. So far she’s doing awesome. I’m also making my own baby food. I got the baby bullet and it’s super easy. It was a surprise gift at my shower (actually I got two and I didn’t even register for it) so I haven’t done any cost comparison with a normal food processor. Bananas are a cinch because you don’t even have to cook them, just slice and blend, but the sweet potatoes aren’t bad either. I microwaved them to get them soft (does that counteract the health benefits?).

The sweet potatoes were a bit too thick at first and Floyd was not digging it. So I ground them again and then added some breast milk. Worked like a charm. And anyone thinking about it, let me just say that I made the sweet potatoes from start (peeling) to finish in 25 minutes with Floyd strapped to me in the bjorn and I made bananas the other night one handed while holding her. If you’re worried about consistency, just throw in some breast milk or formula; it’ll thin it right out.

Eating is messy because Floyd likes to stick her hand in her mouth and then swing it all around. You can only imagine the orange mess it creates. We also do a lot of tug-a-war with the spoon. I feel like I’m moving into a whole new territory with parenting. Up to this point, it’s been a lot of monitoring and upkeep. I’m now running interference. Anything in my hand or within reach goes in Floyd’s mouth. And she’s started whining when she can’t have it. She had a legitimate breakdown in the tub the other night because I wouldn’t let her eat the container we rinse her hair with. I’m a horrible mother.

Her favorite things are clothes, books and papers. When I change her I give her her pants to chew on, or else she’ll pull at anything within reach, including the blanket she’s lying on and the clothes she’s wearing. So she’s usually got a bit of drool down the front her pants. Oh well. These things happen. For the books, she doesn’t like to be read to (break my heart) but rather wants to turn the pages and chew the corners. She yells if you hold out of reach and read. The other week she ripped a page out of a magazine I was reading, crumpled it and tried to shove it in her mouth. Forget about trying to read mail with this kid. “I’m sorry I didn’t pay the bill but my infant ate it.”

In other news, I’ve officially stopped breastfeeding, which is heartbreaking. I never bounced back after the hospital, no matter how much I pumped. I was doing OK for a little but then the stress of work made it harder for me to pump during the day and it began to dwindle even more. The last few days it’s been nothing more than a drip. I finally had to throw in the towel.

I’m very sad. I was still nursing Floyd here and there (not often because I knew my supply was so low); it was the last thing she and I had that just the two of us could share. I want to give nothing but the best and I can’t help feeling like I failed her. I’d wanted to nurse her until at least 8 months, if not a year. I know I did the best I could and the circumstances were out of my hands, but still. It’s very sad.

Finally, I am getting ready to start my new blog soon. Woo hoo. I think I’ll just leave a short blurb about it being up when I do. There are a few topics I’d like to write on outside of my baby-centric universe.I guess that’s it for now. Hope you all are well.